homescapes roof with rain It is very nice to watch the rain outside your window, or to wrap yourself in a blanket and sit on your porch, listening to the soothing sound of the raindrops. However, if your roof doesn`t provide you with adequate protection, these nice moments can quickly turn into a nightmare. A quality roof is an investment that safeguards a building, preserving its integrity and ensuring indoor comfort. Unfortunately, rain is one of the biggest enemies of a roof, because water is a powerful element that insinuates in, and then starts a very destructive process that may alter not only the roof cover, but also the entire building’s structure. Leaks- A neglected roof will start to leak sooner or later and, as a result, shingles will become compromised and they will have to be replaced much sooner than in normal circumstances. In the meantime, water may find its way under the roof, ponding in the attic, causing rot, mold and destroying your insulation. Indoor problems- A rain-damaged roof will allow water to reach your living space; if you are lucky, there will be only some stains on your ceiling indicating that rain has affected your roof, but sometimes the damage will be much more extensive. Ice Dams- Winter precipitation can form ice dams on the roof, which is another phenomenon that can generate a lot of damage, preventing melted water from running down to the gutters and increasing the risk of infiltrations.   Have Hankins Homescapes out before Autumn weather sets in for a roof inspection to make sure your roof and home are protected.  
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