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The Best Season for Roof Repairs

sunshine roofing company repair projects Roof repairs are best done when the weather is not too cold and not too hot and when the likelihood of rain and storms is reduced – in other words, the best time to do any repairs on your roof is in spring and early summer or at the beginning of fall. Here are the benefits of scheduling your roof repairs for these periods:
  • Easy material handling – some adhesives and other chemicals commonly used for roof repairs are the easiest to handle when the temperature is not too low and not too high. Some roof covering materials, such as shingles, are also easier to apply when the weather is mild;
  • More effective work – working on a roof is difficult in any weather, but temperatures that are too low or too high make roof repair tasks even more difficult. The best way to avoid such discomfort is by picking a period of the year when the weather is comfortable;
  • More affordable prices – if you need to hire a Lansing roofing company for your roof repair project, scheduling the project for a period outside the peak in summer, when roofers don’t get so much work, will give you a chance to obtain better rates from your roofer.

Why You Should Hire A Roofer For Siding Work

Why Hire Siding Contractor For Roofing Project Too For many people, siding is purely decorative, but contrary to this belief, siding is actually a protective system that shields a building, preventing moisture from getting into the walls, affecting the structure and the energy efficiency. For this reason, siding should have almost the same priority as the roof. Besides, in case of some severe weather phenomena such as hail storms, it is likely that both the siding and the roof get some damage, so you will have to consider inspections and repairs for both systems. There are specialists in siding and specialists in roofing, but in such situations it would be great if you can find one that provides both types of services, because it will be easier for you to keep up with the repairs and work through receiving insurance compensation. But be careful when you choose a specialist for roofing and siding work! Make sure they are indeed licensed and certified for both types of work, thus able to provide written warranties for materials and workmanship, as well as general liability and worker`s compensation. These details are very important to protect your investment, stay away of problems and get quality work.  Hire the right Lansing siding contractor that is equally skilled in roofing as well.

Home Exterior Design Trends

Window Replacement Trends If you are currently contemplating a complete or partial refreshment for your home exterior and you feel that picking the most suitable new design is too much of a challenge, here are a few design trends with which you cannot go wrong:
  • Use contrast, but in a new way – while the classic way of adding contrast to exterior walls was to combine a lighter wall color with a darker trim, the trendiest way to do it is the other way around, with darker colored walls and a lighter trim. For a really bold statement, you can use black and white – with a few planters in the windows and a red door, your home exterior will be uniquely stylish;
  • Natural materials – brick, wood and stone surfaces are very trendy as well, especially for rustic buildings. These materials are quite expensive, so you don’t need to use them on the entire surface of your walls, veneer is just as great and you can also use them as accents;
  • Add a unique entrance door – a colorful entrance door or a door that stands out with its texture refreshes the entire exterior and makes your entire building attractive and inviting at once.  New Lansing window replacement is always a way to improve the aesthetics of your home.

What You Should Know About Roof Repairs During the Colder Months

Roofing Insulation For Home Cold Months One of the most common misconceptions about roofing repair work is that it cannot be done in winter – winter roof repairs are possible, but you will need to pay attention to the special conditions imposed by cold weather. Here are some:
  • Processes that require the use of adhesives – many glues and adhesives used for roof repairs cannot be used when the temperature outside drops under a certain level because their adhesive properties can be diminished or compromised in extreme cold. If the repair process that you have in mind includes gluing, check the temperature and check the label on the product as well to see the temperature limits;
  • Working with asphalt shingles – asphalt shingles can be installed only when the weather is over the temperature specified on the product label;
  • Paying special attention to safety – surfaces tend to become brittle and slippery in freezing weather, so no roof repair work should be attempted without wearing proper safety equipment;
  • The importance of frequent breaks – don’t spend too long outside when the weather is very cold, include breaks that you spend in a warm environment and pay special attention to hydration with warm liquids to prevent cold-related health problems.
At the same time you have repairs done to your roof, you should also consider having the insulation inspected and replaced or improved for the longevity of your roof.  For roofing and insulation, see

Tips For Preventing Home Exterior Storm Damage

Tips To Protect Home Exterior   If you what to protect your home from storms and their damaging effects, start by watching the weather. The information we get is pretty accurate today and we have many resources at our disposal, from the news in the media, to various applications for our phones that send us alerts about the weather, wherever we are located. Some of these applications even have radars that help us anticipate the evolution of the weather in the near future. However, even when a storm is predicted, we must still take some action to stay safe and prevent damage to our homes. Preventive measures include:
  1. Have your roof and siding checked regularly and maintained by a Lansing siding contractor experienced in exteriors.
  2. Make sure the foundation has no cracks or gaps. In the case of a severe storm, with heavy rainfall, water may easily find a way into your home.
  3. Close your windows and doors and make sure they are sealed properly.
  4. Trim the vegetation in your yard. During a storm, the wind can make branches and trees fall down and you do not want them to land on your roof or to break your windows. Trees are typically resistant, but watch out of very old, diseased or hollowed trees, as they may not be able to withstand a storm.
  5. Secure outdoor furniture. The wind may turn your garden chairs into missiles able to break windows, damages the façade etc.