Hailstorms window siding roofing damage Michigan can be hit with severe weather such as hail storms several times per year. In 2019, the National Weather Service reported some record breaking frigid days with cold and lake effect snow in the beginning of the year, and bad weather unfortunately continued in the following months, culminating with severe storms in the summer. On June 1st, thunderstorms that rolled through West Michigan brought some massive hail stones of the size of baseballs, combined with strong wind that caused some severe damage in some areas. At the end of august, there was another severe weather phenomenon across lower Michigan, that brought tennis-ball sized hail (besides heavy rain, wind and lightning). But the largest hail storm occurrence in recent years happened in 2012, when Detroit areas had no less than 10 hail reports (the largest was 1.75 inches). Hail storms can cause severe damage to buildings. The most exposed areas are the roof, siding and Lansing windows, and building owners in hail prone areas must take special protective measures and consider impact-resistant materials when they perform a siding or roofing project. An impact-resistant roof is a class 4 roof, which means that it is made from special materials tested for impact, which are expected to be resistant in severe weather conditions, providing less repairs and replacements, as well as lower insurance premiums.
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