Before Winter Checklist Your home needs to be prepped for the cold season the same way as you select your winter wardrobe – the exterior components of your home need to be inspected and mended the same way as your coats and boots that keep you warm. Here are a few of the most important things to do on your home exterior before winter:
  • Check the outdoor units of your heating system and the chimneys – inspect the components and clean them or, if you don’t feel comfortable performing such an important task by yourself, call a specialist to do it for you;
  • Check the wall around your windows and doors for air leaks – sealing the cracks on the wall in sensitive areas with caulk or weatherstripping is essential for maintaining your home interior warm and your energy bills as low as possible, if necessary hire Lansing window replacement contractors;
  • Prevent the formation of ice dams – if your home is prone to the formation of ice dams, it means that the insulation and the ventilation of your roof needs improvement. Check the areas before the first snow and make sure the faults are corrected;
  • Check the entire roof and the gutters – inspect them for damaged areas, cracks and sagging and fix all the issues that you find or call a professional roofer to do the repairs for you.
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