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When to Call the Professionals for Roof Repairs

When To Call Roofing Company Many homeowners perform smaller roof repairs themselves, but all DIY enthusiast should know their limits and they should know when the roofing problem they are facing exceeds their skill level and the complexity of the issue requires a Lansing roofing company professional approach. Here are some roofing problems that you should call an expert to fix:
  • Roof sagging – if the ridge of your roof is no longer straight, the symptom indicates structural damage at the level of the roof’s supporting elements. Modern repair methods and the availability of special tools allow for lifting the roof and supporting it until the bent or otherwise damaged components are replaced, but you definitely need a professional to determine the best course of action;
  • Extensive damage caused by a storm – if a large part of your roof has been swept off by the most recent storm, you definitely need a roofing team to remedy the problem as fast as possible;
  • A recurring leak – if the leak on your roof keeps causing problems, even though you have repaired it several times, it can mean two things: something is not right with the repair your provided or the problem is more serious than it looks. Call a roofer at once – he will know how to get rid of the recurring leak for good.

Tips for Getting Your Roof Winter Ready in Michigan

Winter Time Install Insulation Hire Insulation Experts With temperature highs staying below freezing throughout winter in many parts of the state and with winter precipitation averaging around 40 inches, Michigan winters are hard on humans, on animals as well as on buildings, especially on roofs – thick snow blankets press hard on local roofs, low temperatures diminish the resistance of the materials that local roofs are made from and the icicles that can potentially form on the edge of the roofs cause even more stress to the roofs. While the roof damage caused by winter circumstances cannot be entirely prevented, the likelihood of such damage can be reduced if you prepare your roof for what it might have to endure during the cold months. Here is how:
  • Clean, inspect and repair the roof before the first snow – check the roof for any damage, such as cracks, rust and dents in the roof covering, in the gutters, on the chimneys and on the flashing stripes, then make sure even the last particle of debris is removed from the surface of the entire structure and fix all the issues that you have detected. If you think the process is too difficult for you, hire a professional roofer to do it for you;
  • Inspect and insulate your attic – look for signs of damage in your attic space as well, repair any damaged component, such as boards, planks and beams and if your attic is uninsulated, hire insulation Lansing MI workers to lay proper insulation on the attic floor to prevent heat from escaping your building interior.

Signs It’s Finally Time to Repair Your Siding

Replace Siding With Siding Contractor Siding repair and the cost of hiring a Lansing siding contractor might not be something that you are looking forward to doing, but if you see the following signs, start preparing for the job:
  • Your siding loses its color – if you need to repaint your siding panels every couple of years, it is a sure sign that you need to remove the surface of the panels or to replace the panels completely;
  • Dry rot – the problem is caused by a fungus infestation that starts eating away the material from the interior. In most cases, the issue is detected too late, when it reaches the surface – if this is what has happened in your case, too, make sure to replace the damaged panels as quickly as possible, to prevent the rot from spreading;
  • Cracks in the siding – some types of siding cracks can be repaired, others can be solved only with replacement;
  • Mold – the appearance of mold indicates water penetration and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible;
  • Lose panels – probably the siding issue that is the easiest to fix, but also requires quick action to prevent more severe damage;
  • The appearance of tiny holes – this type of damage is not very conspicuous, but it is very severe as it is usually caused by insects eating the siding from the inside. Check behind the panels and do whatever you need to do to get rid of the pests.

Common Ways Home Siding is Damaged

Common Siding Damage Homescapes Siding is the only line of defense protecting a home wall and insulation from the outside elements. Most of the time, the siding is made out of wood or aluminum boards, placed together and have a painted finish to protect them from extreme temperatures and moisture. Each of the materials has positives and negatives.   Home siding can be damaged by a lot of contributing factors. Hail, for example, can cause a lot of damage to aluminum siding because it is very easily dented. Extreme shifts in temperature are another culprit to siding damage, especially to wood sidings. Any sudden shift in temperature can cause the wood to expand and contract which will lead the wood to warp and bend.   A heavy storm may lead to falling branches hitting your siding causing damage and cracks. In more extreme cases, bad weather can lead to a nearby tree falling which can result in massive damage to the siding, o the entire wall itself.   Any unnoticeable cracks and fissure in the siding can lead to problems which can be prevented if noticed from the start. Cracks and unnoticeable fissures can lead to the gathering of moisture and as a result, damaging the wall insulation. For wood sidings, moisture, as well as termites, play a major role in its deterioration. These little guys can easily get through cracks, especially the part of the wall that is lower to the ground.   For people owning a home in hotter and more humid areas, they should pay close attention to mildew which left untreated can cause the wood to rot. The extreme temperature may also lead to paint degradation, which acts as a barrier between the elements and the siding itself. This can deteriorate over time and peel off.   While not all of the scenarios above can be prevented, such as a heavy storm and deterioration over time, one can take the necessary precautions and talk with Hankins Homescapes in Michigan to ensure that the home siding remains intact and functional during its lifetime.

What Are The Best Materials for Home Siding?

Siding Companies For Best Siding Materials Materials that are used for wall siding have improved over time. Materials such as asbestos, fiberglass have been replaced by newer methods that have shown to do a better job in protecting the home from exterior factors. The utilitarian part of the siding is the most important function but there is also the aesthetical part. Different material used will have varying results and to better decide the right ones, here are the best materials to consider for home siding.   Wood – wood sidings are the most common and can be found in most houses. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and does a pretty good job in protecting the home. They come in the form of wood planks, shingles, boards and logs to give the exterior a rustic feel. Any damage to wood sidings can be easily repaired and the different varieties that they come in, allow for more personalization.   Vinyl – vinyl sidings were very recently adopted by homeowners. Not only they look clean but they are cheaper than other materials and there is little maintenance as they are very resilient. The form that they come in includes vertical panels, fish scales and also as strips with interlocking edges. Like wood, vinyl also allows a lot of customization, from different colors to different textures.   Fiber Cement – this type of siding is made using recycled materials like wood fibers combined with sand and cement. While brick or stone may be the most resilient long-term, fiber cement sidings are extremely durable to weather and require low maintenance. Also, unlike wood, the material is not vulnerable to rot and termites and are more lightweight than stone.   Stone – mostly used on mansions and larger homes, a stone siding gives the house a distinct look. When it comes to durability, other materials cannot be compared to stone and using it will require very little maintenance over time. As an alternative to the real thing, stone imitation can also be used which has the same look a real stone. They are faster and easier to work with, however, its durability is inferior to that of the real thing.   These materials mentioned are some of the most used and best ones to work with, consulting Lansing siding companies can help determine the best solution.  While it may seem that stone is the best way to go, it will depend on the environment that the house is built in and each one of them comes with upsides and downsides. Besides that, it is a matter of personal choice and budget.