Great Roof Designs The roof is the topmost covering layer on any house, but it is more than just a layer of protection – it is also a design component that defines the overall style of the house, the component that can make the building attractive or ruin its appearance altogether. If you are in the process of roof design, here are a few ideas about how to incorporate attractive design elements into your new roof:
  • Use color and texture – shades of red and brown are the most common colors used on roofs, but nowadays there are so many color and texture options available that you can create the right appearance picking a hue that matches the overall design of your home. You can choose a shade of green, blue, beige or even black and you can pack even more punch with shiny tiles;
  • Avoid roof valleys – roof designs that don’t incorporate valleys are more stable, less prone to leaks and they are also more pleasing to look at;
  • Use a consistent sloping angle – reducing the slope angle halfway down from the top destabilizes the roof structure and it also takes away visual appeal, so have a Lansing roofing company share their expertise, to have clean shapes all over the roof.
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