The signs of a leaking roof include water stains down the walls and across ceilings, which are easy to spot. The hard part consists in tracking down the leak and find out its exact source, meaning the damaged area of the roof that allows water to infiltrate. As soon as you notice a leak, you must consider immediate repairs, otherwise, in a short time, your home will be affected by mold, insulation and ceilings will be destroyed and, in the long run, you will experience extensive and very costly damage of the roof and even of the building`s structure, it’s best to ask the advice of a Lansing roofing company that you can trust. Dealing with a leak immediately means keeping the damage to the minimum. Tips to track down roof leaks
  • Check your roof for any obvious damage – missing shingles, damaged flashings where the roof meets vents, dormers etc. These problems represent the most common causes of roof leaks. You may notice at least some of these problems from the attic, but if you do not have attic access you will have to climb the roof.
  • If the leak turns to be difficult to found, you will have to go up to the roof and use a garden hose to soak every area, until a drip becomes visible. This process will take some time and you will need someone to help you. If all you can find is a suspected area, start removing some shingles and you will surely discover the exact location of the damage.
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