Textures: Blending Textures

Textures: Blending Textures These textures come in matching colors. When you blend them on site in whatever proportion you choose, the mixture produces a rugged texture fit for any informal setting. Their compatible colors accent and harmonize with other contemporary materials including stucco, wood, brick and vinyl.

Textures: Cobblefield

Textures: Cobblefield A distinctive, rugged style that evokes the architecture of 19th century America, cast from a carefully chosen assortment of stones.

Textures: Coral Stone

Textures: Coral Stone This new wall veneer was created from a hand-chosen selection of coral reef stones, cut and sized to expose fossil patterns and delicate surface characteristics. Coral Stone provides exacting replication of a vanishing resource and makes the texture both practical and environmentally correct for interior and exterior design.

Textures: Country Ledgestone

Textures: Country Ledgestone An irregular Ledgestone in carefully selected sizes ranging from 1½” to 6½” in height and from 4¾” to 22″ in length, Country Ledgestone is installer-friendly. Its twelve colors provide subtle variations from other Cultured Stone® ledgestones. Differences in light absorption, striation, shape and texture create an individual visual effect for each product. For a more random look, Country Ledgestone can be blended with Cultured Stone® Dressed Fieldstone in matching or complimentary colors and in a blend percentage of your choice.

Textures: Dressed Fieldstone

Textures: Dressed Fieldstone The rugged look of Rough-faced Dressed Fieldstone compliments any natural environment. It can blend or accent, and evokes the look of age old materials, yet lends itself to contemporary applications, thanks to its texture, its color variety and its silvery mica sheen.

Textures: Drystack Ledgestone

Textures: Drystack Ledgestone Bold ledgestone texture in colors that compliment and blend with contemporary roofing and wall finishes. Stones are preshaped in incremental lengths & heights to simplify installation.

Textures: European Castle Stone

Textures: European Castle Stone Reminiscent of ancient european castles, but designed with a patented interlocking mortar groove that allows a precision-cut, groutless appearance.

Textures: Fieldstone

Textures: Fieldstone Throughout the history of homebuilding, these moss and lichen covered stones have remained the handiest and most commonly used of all building materials.

Textures: Limestone

Textures: Limestone Molded from rock quarried in the upper midwest, Cultured Stone®’s Limestone faithfuly reproduces the unique character of nature’s array of blue-veined, white-veined and unveined colors. This broad selection of coursed and roughly squared stones allow the designer unusual flexibilty.

Textures: Old Country Fieldstone

Textures: Old Country Fieldstone This is a stone inspired by great country architecture, wherever you find it – in the hills of Tuscany, in the vineyards of France, along a river in the Carolinas. Its natural ruggedness and its earth drawn colors make it connect with the countryside every place it appears.

Textures: Pro-Fit Ledgestone

Textures: Pro-Fit Ledgestone Designed in 4″ high modular components, Profit® offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with small scale, low relief stone.

Textures: River Rock

Textures: River Rock The Timeless Favorite – The originals for these stones gained their shape and texture from tumbling downstream in northern forest riverbeds. This medium-scale texture has stones in random to rounded shapes ranging in size from 2″ to 14″. All Cultured Stone® products weigh far less than the natural stone they replicate. Even a chimney won’t need extra foundation support.

Textures: Southern Ledgestone

Textures: Southern Ledgestone This informally shaped ledgestone is designed to complement other building materials such as stucco, wood, brick and vinyl. Southern Ledgestone is lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and, like all Cultured Stone® products, it’s just a fraction of the installed cost of natural stone.

Textures: Split Face

Textures: Split Face Hand-selected fieldstones, split and dressed to achieve a flatter wall, revealing fresh veining and color unaffected by thousands of years of erosion. Also like all Cultured Stone® products, split faced veneer is a lot lighter and much less costly to install than full thickness natural stone.

Textures: Stream Stones

Textures: Stream Stones High Profile, Deep Shadow – Molded from natural stones rolled smooth in stream beds, Stream Stones come in Standard size plus optional Skimmers that can be blended to achieve a variety of design and accent possibilities. A medium scale texture, stone sizes vary from 2″ in their smallest dimensions to 12″ at their largest, while optional Skimmers average2½” in height and from 3½” to 8″ in length. Thickness up to 3½” provides deep shadow relief. Three color blends complement today’s most popular interior and exterior materials.

Textures: Weather Edge Ledgestone

Textures: Weather Edge Ledgestone This larger scale ledgestone offers colors and textures found in natural ledge outcroppings exposed to years of weathering. Weather Edge Ledgestone and all Cultured Stone® products are covered by a 50-year limited warranty.

Architectural Trim: Capstones

Architectural Trim: Capstones Shapes that provide pleasing architectural finish and effective protection to walls, columns and piers. Flagstone and Chiseled textures in 4 color options provide complimentary accents with stone, brick or stucco finishes.

Architectural Trim: Hearthstones

Architectural Trim: Hearthstones For each wall stone, there’s a matching or complementary hearthstone color. Rectangular hearthstones are 19″ x 20″ with a 1 3/4″ average thickness.

Architectural Trim: Keystones and Trim Stones

Architectural Trim: Keystones and Trim Stones A treatment for doors and windows that’s equally at home with smooth stucco walls and with rugged surfaces and rough cut stonework, these stones can be cut or shaped to conform to any arch radius. Trim Stones & Keystones come in 4 colors, carefully selected to blend or contrast with almost any imaginable stone or stucco treatment.

Architectural Trim: Quoins

Architectural Trim: Quoins These 8″ high stones turn an outside corner into a major architectural statement. Cultured Stone® Quoins can blend with other stone textures or create a contrasting accent with stucco or brick.>