Concrete has long been the base of the roof tiles. The advantages and positive features include:
  1. Impermeability
Due to the density of the concrete, rain does not penetrate into its pores. In this case, the benefits are multiple:
  • concrete resists to freezing cycles, it does not break nor exfoliate
  • since it has low hygroscopicity comparing to the clay, the weight of the concrete roof does not present variations, therefore it will not influence, unexpectedly, the building`s structure
  1. Smooth surface, homogeneous color
The desired color of the concrete tiles is obtained with the addition of oxides, which makes it uniform. Its surface is smooth due to the very clean sand that is used in the fabrication process and the special surface protection, which guarantees color uniformity and resistance to wear.
  1. Weather protection
The smooth surface of the concrete tiles also provides an additional protection against moisture, which means less moss and algae formation, as well as against the effects of pollution.  
  1. Dimensional precision and practical use
Production technology ensures precision, which means that concrete tiles can perfectly match a roof.  
  1. High mechanical strength
The weight and the strength of the roof play an important role in the resistance against storms and other extreme weather phenomena; beside these, concrete tiles also provide thermal-phono insulation.  As always it’s best to check with a professional Lansing roofing company that is located locally.  
  1. Natural components
Concrete is made of three natural components: water, sand and cement.  
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