Considering that people do not walk or inspect their roof on a daily basis, many homeowners tend to ignore it and that is when big problems may occur, often caused by small problems, overlooked for too long. Checking the roof is required periodically, at least twice a year, typically before and after the season with the strongest impact of weather phenomena (winter, in most cases). In spring, a roof inspection that didn`t reveal anything suspicious should be followed by some cleaning operations. There may be debris accumulated in the gutters, as well as algae, fungus or mold formation on the shingles` surface. Ignored, they will allow moisture to stay on the roof longer than it should, not to mention that they might even creep into the interior of your home. So, if you notice black streaks or vegetation build up on your roof, it is time for cleaning. There are many options, from algaecides, to various cleaning solutions, pressure washing tools and zinc strips – they can all help keeping your roof clean for a longer time, if used correctly. Spring is also the moment when nature will grow and bloom, so it is the right time to also deal with trimming tree limbs. They may also affect your roof`s integrity, especially because some of them tend to become weaker during the cold season, due to the low temperatures, winds and bearing heavy snow.  For a superb roof cleaning, contact Hankins Homescapes at to do a professional job.
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