insulation lansing homes choices In Michigan, summers are warm and winters are bitterly cold, and insulating your home in a climate with such variations has some unique challenges. If you need insulation (or new insulation), you should consider making the assessments during the winter, because, while insulation is important in every season, in winter it is easier to determine different problems you might have, considering that you will feel the draft more easily, even if your HVAC system is running, you can perceive uneven temperatures in different rooms and you can easily determine whether your walls are too cold. Besides, you can easily realize that you have problems with your existing insulation if your energy bills are way too big. When you choose the insulation for your Michigan house, you must identify the appropriate R-value, which measures thermal resistance. The higher this value, the more it insulates. You must also check the state`s building codes, because they require a certain R-value (R-24 is the minimum rating recommended for attic insulation, by the Department of Energy in Michigan). As for the selection of insulation Lansing MI materials, you can choose from different options, according to your insulation needs and budget: spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, or reflective/ radiant barriers        
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