Composite shingles make an excellent choice if you want a roof that is durable, long-lasting and affordable – here are some of the major benefits of composite roofing systems:
  • Strength – composite shingles consist of a mat made from durable, but lightweight fiberglass or cellulose that is covered in a layer ofAsphalt Roofing Shingles special granules made from mineral fillers and asphalt that further increase strength of the shingles.
  • Resistance – composite shingles are resistant to strong winds, impact, fire and water and they don’t fade either. If you are concerned about algae infestation or mold, you can buy shingles that have special, algae- and mold-proof coating.
  • Durability – most composite shingle products come with decades of warranty, some with lifetime warranty. Talk with a Lansing roofing company specialist to determine the different product warranties.
  • Variety – composite shingles come in a very wide array of colors and shapes. You can find shingles that look like wood, while others replicate the appearance of clay tiles or of other traditional roofing materials.
  • Affordability – composite shingles are budget-friendly roofing solutions, much cheaper than other materials, such as slate, wood or clay tiles.
  • Easy maintenance and repair – composite shingles require very little maintenance and damaged shingles can be easily replaced, without having to remove large sections of roofing cover.
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