Causes of Roof Leaks The main reason for a roof leak is the incorrect installation of the materials and sometimes the incorrect design of the roof. However, also other factors can affect its integrity:
  • the age of the roof and the wear of the roofing materials
  • the use of cheap materials that do not meet the appropriate quality standards
  • the incorrect seals and fittings around chimneys and vents
  • a poor thermal insulation of the attic, which can produce condensation and generate water infiltration through the ceiling
How can we determine the affected area of the roof where a leak occurs? To determine the exact location of a leak, the roof should be carefully inspected by a professional Lansing roofing contractor, from the interior and the exterior. Ensure that all parts at the base of the roof are covered with shingles and that the water barrier is not exposed. Keep in mind that the leakage point is not necessarily right above the place where water appears on the ceiling, as water typically travels and infiltrates. If the problem is not obvious and you cannot determine the location of the leak, use a water hose to flood, one by one, various areas of the roof, until you manage to locate the leak.    
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