double paned windows replacement Double-paned windows are a popular choice because they are designed to provide great protection and help save energy, money, and increase a home’s value. A home loses 25% of the annual HVAC costs through its windows, according to the Department of Energy. To lower this percent and make your home more energy efficient, you will have to consider upgrading to double-paned Lansing windows, which will bring significant advantages. Noise protection The latest generation of double-pane windows have the space between them filled with gas, offering better sound protection, and the materials from which they are made are of higher quality. The gas used to fill the space between the panes is noble (Ar, Kr) and suppresses external noise. Energy efficiency State-of-the-art double pane windows have low emissivity, due to the layer of transparent metal oxide that covers them, which prevents heat and light transfer from the inside the house. Safety At present, double-glazed glass is used for the production of double pane windows, which is more resistant than the glass used for previous generations of windows. This technology makes the windows offer greater protection because, in case of breakage, the glass breaks into blunt pieces, which are less likely to hurt someone.    
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