High Efficiency Insulation The attic represents the sector of the home with the greatest potential for improving energy efficiency. It is a proven fact: up to 30 percent of the heat loss occurs through the roof or the attic. For those concerned about improving their thermal comfort and reducing the costs of the energy bills, or even transforming the attic into a place to leave, here are more details about the benefits of insulating this area. If you are concerned about the amount of the investment related to attic insulation, you should know that the money will return to you relatively quickly, generally in less than five years. Even during these five years, the benefits are significant and easily noticeable; you can enjoy a better thermal comfort, which means more heat in winter and cooler temperatures in your home during those dog-days. Insulating materials do not have to cost much; they must be effective and able to reduce heat loss. According to specialists, a well-insulated attic can bring savings ranging between 20 and 50% to the family budget. And you can get these benefits by investing smartly and stick to your budget. Other benefits of insulating your attic include preventing condensation and water infiltrations, less exterior noise, and protecting the environment due to reduced fuel consumption for heating / cooling.  Find out more on how your home should be insulated by calling http://hankinshomescapes.com/insulation-products.  
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