Siding panels made from concrete are appreciated for many qualities – here are some of the major benefits of this material also known as fiber cement:
  • Style – concrete siding is the preferred choice of many owners looking for a way to improve the curb appeal of their home. It is also recommended by some of the top local Lansing siding companies too! Concrete siding panel are nowadays available in designs that perfectly replicate natural materials such as wood or stone and various color themes are also available,
  • Long lifespan – concrete siding panels can stay on your walls for 50+ years without showing any sign of deterioration,  
  • Weather resistance – concrete siding is perfect for any climate, for regions where the weather is mild as well as for regions that get extreme temperatures, extremely high or very low amounts of precipitation, strong winds, hail or storms,
  • Fire resistance – fiber cement has excellent fire resistance ratings, so the material is the best choice for buildings in fire-prone areas,
  • Affordability – concrete siding panels provide the cheapest siding solution available today,
  • Concrete is maintenance-free – fiber cement does not require maintenance. If you want to refresh the appearance of your building, you can simply paint the panels, but other than that, concrete siding does not need any attention.
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