Whenever it happens, property damage is devastating, the recovery process is stressful and it usually takes some time for the owner’s life to get back to normal. What insurance adjusters do to help property owners in such difficult times is to provide an independent assessment of the damage and to assist them during the insurance claim process. What insurance adjusters do first when they are hired is to have a detailed look at the damage site. They will notice every damaged piece, item or component and they will document everything. Professional evidence collecting is very important – and the first very important benefit that will work in your advantage – because the insurer will determine the value of the compensation offered based on the evidence related to the damage. Make sure to speak with a knowledgeable Lansing window replacement contractor so you know the cost associated with having new windows installed.  The next phase in the cooperation with your adjuster is the period when he or she assists you in putting together your claims file and in submitting the file, followed by the negotiation phase, when you (and your adjuster) sit down with the representative of your insurer to reach the final settlement.   Insurance adjusters work on a contingency basis, so another major benefit of hiring one of them to assist you during the claim process is that you don’t have to pay your adjuster from your pocket.    
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