Property Storm Damage The effects of global warming are obvious in Michigan too. The climate is changing and statistics show that heavy storms have become more frequent here, in the past decades. In the last 50 years, annual precipitation has doubled and is going to increase in the future. Severe rainstorms are expected to intensify and increase the risk of flooding. With the technology we currently have, these storms cannot be prevented from occurring. What can be done is to anticipate their occurrence and route, as well as the possible effects, which is helpful to prevent all kind of damage and accidents. In addition, we should become more and more aware of what we do to the environment and work to reverse at least a part of the damage that we have already produced. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, only when a bad storm hits we realize that we still have a lot to learn in the “storm science” chapter.  To protect the interior of your home, make sure to immediately have a Lansing windows replacement contractor fix any damage that can occur. A big storm may bring a lot of damage even after it is over. The floods maintain a humid and unhealthy environment, which combined with potential destruction of sanitary infrastructure, may favor diseases. Even moderate storms can affect the electric system as well as the transportation, due to the destruction of some access routes.
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