Steel Roofing System Stone coated steel roof systems are made from steel, covered with stone chips, attached with an acrylic film. This material has been created to combine the benefits of metal roofing and the aspect of a natural and more traditional roof. The result is a superior product, in every aspect. Here are only a few on the main benefits that it provides: A stone coated steel roofing system is lightweight, which means easy transportation and installation. Just like a standard metal roof, it can be installed by one of the licensed Lansing roofers on an existing roof, without any tear-off or significant structural burden. The steel base provides excellent water and fire resistance, considering that it does not absorb moisture and is non-combustible. It is also reflective, which makes it energy-efficient. It will not curl or break, and its durability ensures superior performance over several decades. Stone coated steel roofing systems stand up to extreme temperatures, high wind pressure, as well as heavy rain or snow. Such a roof will have a distinctive natural appearance due to the stone chip coating, which ensures resistance to fading. You can choose from elegant tiles to rustic shakes, to create the aspect that will match the rest of your home.      
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